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Success is all about generating new ideas


Localization is not translation.

Most companies will soon or later consider the Japanese market.

 Yet this vast playground can be complex and intimidating for those who land here for the first time. 

We accelerate market knowledge, helping you identify the right business model, accompany your teams during due diligence to validate early stage data sets.


There is no such thing as a “turnkey deal" in Japan and even before you open your office, we endorse your project to follow-up in between your market visits, so you keep a permanent, personalized presence on the market and remain top of mind.

When getting there alone is too tough, we help you establish a partnership with a Japanese firm, as a stepping stone. We support undertaking the search of local distribution partners or set-up components of a DTC business scheme.

While language remains a barrier to directly communicate, personal relationships matter most in this country. Sometimes they even prevail on the mere economics of the deal. We help your project cut through the clutter by making the right introductions, decode intriguing local negotiation behaviors and business management myths; shed light on unspoken business manners​.


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