Think of us as your base camp in Japan.


We are your personal point of contact on the ground, a resource for general management insights, supported by deep operational experience.  We bring essential market knowledge, market best practices and guardrails; we share our executive network to fast-track people connections and your direct understanding of the new environment.

tradentry supports start-up, expanding companies or funds willing to strengthen their business in Japan. With more than 20 years of proven Brand Management and selective retail operations experience across Asia, we provide real-life market entry and business development expertise. 

Strategic B to C consulting companies are numerous, but many of them are often too large, heavy to mobilize, and do not bring the necessary operational experience and “into the action” mindset. 

tradentry provides an alternative; nimble and quick to onboard into the specifics of your project.

For established corporations or investment funds, we bring diversity to an internal advisory board or project executive team, providing our specialized skills set in Brand management, retail strategy and act as your team extension on the ground monitoring new opportunities.

While tradentry does not manage business operations directly, we are result-driven, wanting to make a real and positive difference through our work.

We personally endorse your project, extending trust, a priceless, coveted competitive advantage to successfully penetrate the local business ecosystem.

Image by Cem Ersozlu