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Think Local, Act Local


Endorsing your project, fast-tracking connections

We support companies in Japan bringing our proven General Management and Retail Operations expertise. Scaling a business is a cross-functional effort, for which we will directly advise and fast-track introduction of trusted partners, ensuring time-conscious execution.

With your market entry fundamentals in place, succeeding and thriving in Japan often lies with being able to attract talents to join a young venture. Likewise, opening doors can take too much time if you don't have the right relationship history.

Because we personally endorse your project, we go outside together to introduce new resources and open our network of connections giving your teams the benefits and the credibility of more established companies.

We roll up our sleeves and work side by side, learning your business, establishing the plan, and executing together. 


Understanding local perspectives

Because focusing on product development, service and customer benefits is essential, we come in as a cross functional interface between R&D, product design, marketing teams and business development function to guide thru local expectations on quality, packaging, retail best practices and consumer experience.

We bring upfront the right set of questions, framing issues & opportunities and build gap analysis on your value proposition. We source local experts in their field when a specific element needs deeper validation to get to the best MVP.

Successfully scaling into Japan is rarely a standalone process and considering local partnerships early in the process is too often an ignored strategy. We act as your interface and put together a pitch that will resonate with Japanese partners & clients.


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